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China Standard Factory Price PP Compression Water Supply and Irrigation Pipe Fittings Plastic Elbow PP Reducing Coupling

Product Description

A HDPE compression reducer fitting is used to join 2 lengths of different-size metric HDPE pipe.
With a size range from 25/20 mm to 110/90 mm, PP compression reducer fittings are suitable for water and other similar fluids, with pressures up to 16 bar. Poly pipe Reducer compression fittings are made from high quality PP-B material that is resistant to etching by numerous chemical substances, and to UV rays, and are suitable for outdoor use.
SUNPLAST HDPE compression fittings / PP compression fittings are are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of standards EN 712/713/715/911; ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459.The fittings can be installed on HDPE pipes which are in compliance with standards ISO 11922; DIN 8072/8074; UNE 53131. The threaded versions are manufactured in compliance with standard ISO 7; DIN 2999.
PP compression reducer are consisted of 5 palstic accessories:

Mark Part Name Material Color
A Cap High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B) Blue
B Clinching Ring POM resin White
C Blocking Bush High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B) Black
D “O” Ring Gasket NBR rubber Black
E Body High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B) Black

More brief details as below:

Product HDPE Compression Reducer, PP Compression reducer, Compression reducer, poly compression reducer, HDPE pipe compression reducer, Compression Reducer fittings, Poly pipe compression reducer, PP compression reducer
Specification  25*20mm to 110*90mm
Pressure ratings  Working Pressure at 20ºC:
20~63mm in PN16; 75~110mm in PN10
Material High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B)
Color Black body / Blue Cap
Manufacturing Standard Dimensions and characteristics:  ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459.
To be installed on HDPE pipes: ISO 11922; DIN 8072/8074;        
Threads (BSP): ISO 7; DIN 2999.
Samples available  Yes, samples are available, but charged.
Packing method  Cartons
MOQ  Negotiable
Customized Logo available
(OEM Service)
For small quantity of order, customer logo can be marked on the fittings by laser marking or sticker.
For big quantity of order, customer logo can be embossed on the fittings.
Production lead time  Mass stock available for regular sizes
About 10 days for a 20ft container, 20 days for a 40ft container
Warranty time  1 years for normal use 
Payment term  T/T, L/C, DP, Western Union, or negotiable 
FOB loading port  HangZhou/ZheJiang China 
Place of origin  HangZhou, China 

Product Specifications    
HDPE/PP compression reducer  fittings can be manufactured sizing from 25×20mm to 110×90mm. The size 20-63mm with a pressure of PN16, and 75-110mm pressurized in PN10.   


Pressure Rating
20*25 PN16 98 180
32*20 PN16 126 120
32*25 PN16 141 112
40*25 PN16 219 65
40*32 PN16 242 64
50*20 PN16 348 48
50*25 PN16 348 48
50*32 PN16 372 48
50*40 PN16 414 36
63*25 PN16 554 30
63*32 PN16 562 30
63*40 PN16 627 25
63*50 PN16 711 24
75*50 PN10 679 16
75*63 PN10 761 14
90*32 PN10 787 9
90*50 PN10 875 9
90*63 PN10 957 9
90*75 PN10 1173 9
110*32 PN10 1339 5
110*50 PN10 1420 5
110*63 PN10 1508 5
110*75 PN10 1724 4
110*90 PN10 1874 4


HDPE Compression Fittings CHINAMFG Can Offer
As a integrated & experienced manufacturer & provider in China, CHINAMFG carries an extensive range of HDPE compression fittings in a diameter sizing from 20mm to 110mm, and all customers can find the best solution of fittings for their pipeline systems in CHINAMFG
Our poly pipe compression fittings include:
→ HDPE Compression Coupler/Coupling,HDPE Compression Reducer Fittings, HDPE Compression Female/Male Adaptor Fittings
→ HDPE Compression 90 Degree Elbow,HDPE Compression Female/Male Elbow Fittings
→ HDPE Compression Equal Tee, HDPE Compression Reducing Tee, HDPE Compression Female/Male Tee Fittings
→ HDPE Compression Flange Adaptor
→ HDPE Compression End Cap

Benefits Of PP Compression fittings
By comparison of the other fittings, poly pipe  compression fittings provide outstanding physical and performance benefits :
By comparison of the other HDPE fittings, HDPE electrofusion fittings repute more benefits:
* Fast assemble & disassemble, Simple installation: No welding, No special tools required, easily assembling & disassembling, those makes PP compression fittings more & more popularly used, especially for irrigation systems.
* lower installation costs & labor costs: HDPE compression fittings is a fittings use a mechanical connection method, fast to install & less install workers will be required.
* Perfect watertight:  The unique design & NBR ” O ”  rings ensure Poly compression fittings a perfect watertight for long time use.

*   How to connect the PP compression fittings?
A:  PP compression fittings are very easy to install, which involves the following steps:
• Preparing the pipe, removing the burrs and beveling the edge of pipe. The outer surface of the pipe must be free from imperfections or indentations where the body of the fittings make contact with the pipe
• Unscrewing the blue nut and put it into the pipe followed by the white clamping ring. Make sure the clamping ring is in the correct position, with the larger mouth outwards to the edge of pipe.
• Pressing the pipe axially into the poly compression fittings, until it touch the internal gap of fittings.
• Tightening the ring nuts by hand, and then use the torque wrench provided, till it is tight.
* What is the most common cause of leaking of HDPE compression fittings?
A:  It is critical to avoid over-tightening the nut or else the integrity of the  poly  compression fitting will be compromised by the excessive force. If the nut is overtightened the ferrule will deform improperly causing the joint to fail. Indeed, overtightening is the most common cause of leaks in PP compression fittings.
* How much burst pressure can Poly compression fitting take?
A: CHINAMFG PP compression fittings are designed for the max.normal pressure 16 bars at 20ºC, and the burst pressure reaches 35 bars.
*   Can CHINAMFG HDPE compression fittings exposed under sunshine?
A: Yes, all HDPE pipe compression fittings are UV-resistant, and can be used outdoor.
* HDPE CHINAMFG fittings & HDPE compression fittings, which 1 is better?
A:  It is hard to say. HDPE compression fittings are only be possible for small diameter pipe till 110mm, while HDPE CHINAMFG fittings are available for all sizes.
By comparison to HDPE CHINAMFG fittings, Poly pipe compression fittings are easy install, less cost, and are especially useful in installations that may require occasional disassembly or partial removal for maintenance etc., since these joints can be broken and remade without affecting the integrity of the joint.
The disadvantage is PP compression fittings are not as robust as CHINAMFG fittings.
Why Choose Us?
 Rich experience on manufacturing HDPE fittings over 20 years , we are an expert in this industry.
  Full product range available , you will always find the right solution here.
 Strong after-sale term supports to provide professional guide for installation.
 By using top quality raw material, with long warranty time on quality.
 Short lead time to satisfy your urgent need request.
 Quick reply for your inquiries within 12 hours.
 OEM service available to support a good sale in customers’ market.

Contact Us
If you have any requirements on PP compression fittings, or any question on our fittings, please contact us freely. CHINAMFG has well trained staff who are available to address your needs and provide technical support to all sectors when needed.
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compression coupling

Usability of Compression Couplings for Permanent and Temporary Pipe Connections

Compression couplings are versatile fittings that can be used for both permanent and temporary pipe connections, depending on the specific needs of the application:

Permanent Connections: Compression couplings can be used to create durable and long-lasting connections in plumbing and piping systems. When installed properly and with the appropriate sealing materials, compression couplings can provide reliable and leak-proof connections that are suitable for permanent installations. These couplings are often used in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing projects where a secure and lasting connection is required.

Temporary Connections: Compression couplings can also be used for temporary connections, especially when the need for reconfiguration or maintenance arises. Their ease of installation and removal makes them convenient for situations where pipes or components need to be temporarily connected and later disconnected. This flexibility is particularly useful in situations where pipes might need to be moved or repositioned for maintenance or adjustments.

It’s important to note that while compression couplings can be used for temporary connections, they are designed to create secure seals that resist leaks. As such, they can be relied upon for both permanent and temporary applications, providing a balance between ease of use and durability.

compression coupling

Handling Thermal Expansion and Contraction with Compression Couplings

Compression couplings are designed to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction in pipes, which can occur due to temperature changes. Here’s how they handle these changes:

When pipes are exposed to higher temperatures, they expand in length. Compression couplings feature a flexible design that allows them to adjust their length to match the expansion of the pipes. The coupling’s compressible components, such as the rubber or elastomeric sealing elements, can deform slightly to absorb the increased length of the pipe without causing stress or distortion.

Conversely, when pipes are subjected to lower temperatures, they contract in length. The flexible nature of compression couplings allows them to contract along with the pipes, preventing any undue stress or pressure on the pipe connections. The compressible elements within the coupling can adjust to the reduced length of the pipe, ensuring a tight and secure seal.

This ability to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction is crucial in preventing damage to the pipes, coupling, and the overall plumbing system. Compression couplings provide a reliable and effective solution for maintaining the integrity of the pipes and connections while withstanding temperature fluctuations.

compression coupling

Compression Couplings in Plumbing and Piping Systems

A compression coupling is a type of coupling used in plumbing and piping systems to connect two pipes or tubing sections together. It is commonly employed for joining pipes of the same or different materials and sizes. The compression coupling consists of several components:

  • Outer Sleeve: This cylindrical component provides structural support and stability to the coupling.
  • Inner Sleeve: The inner sleeve is inserted over the end of the pipe and serves as the sealing element.
  • Nut: The nut is threaded onto the outer sleeve and compresses the inner sleeve against the pipe, creating a watertight seal.
  • Compression Ring: Also known as the compression ferrule, this component sits between the inner sleeve and the nut, ensuring proper compression and sealing.

The compression coupling is used in plumbing and piping systems for various purposes:

  • Leak Repair: Compression couplings can quickly repair leaking pipes without the need for soldering or welding.
  • Joining Different Pipes: They allow for the connection of pipes made from different materials, such as copper, PVC, or PEX.
  • Temporary Connections: Compression couplings are sometimes used for temporary connections or repairs.
  • Flexibility: They provide some flexibility to accommodate minor misalignments or movement.

Compression couplings are a convenient solution for various plumbing and piping applications, making them a commonly used component in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

China Standard Factory Price PP Compression Water Supply and Irrigation Pipe Fittings Plastic Elbow PP Reducing Coupling  China Standard Factory Price PP Compression Water Supply and Irrigation Pipe Fittings Plastic Elbow PP Reducing Coupling
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