China OEM Irrigation System Compression Fittings PP Push Fit Fittings Pn16 Reducing Coupling

Product Description

For Irrigation System Compression Fittings PP Push Fit Fittings Pn16 Reducing Coupling

PP Compression Fittings have been designed for kinds of fluids transport under high pressure, irrigation and other applications. They are fully compatible with all PELD, PEHD, PE40,PE80 and PE100 pipes.

The performance standard of PP fittings about working pressure can match ISO14236 or DIN8076, the standard about threads can match ISO7,DIN EN 15716, ASME B1.20, or BS21.

The maximum working pressure of PP compression fitting, which diameter is from 20 to 63, can match PN16, and PN10 can be matched for the diameter, which is from 75 to 110, at temperature of 20°C.

The clamp saddles have been designed for side outputs on PE and they are available in the large range of sizes. The clamp saddles are fit for conveying food fluids because its materials are conform to the domestic and international standards.

Product list and Dimensions

PP Compression Fittings
Item Number Description Dimension Available
1 PP ADDING EXIT 25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110,125,160,200,250
2 PP COUPLING  20,25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110
3  PP 90 DEG ELBOW 20,25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110
4 PP Elbow Wall Plated 20,25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110
5  PP End  Cap 20,25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110
6  PP Female Adapter 20×1/2″,20×3/4″,25×1/2″,25×3/4″,25×1″,32×1″,40×1-1/4″,50×1-1/2″,63×2″, 75×2-1/2″,90×3″,110×4″
7 PP Female Elbow 20×1/2″,20×3/4″,25×1/2″,25×3/4″,25×1″,32×1″,40×1-1/4″,50×1-1/2″,63×2″, 75×2-1/2″,90×3″,110×4″
8  PP Female Tee 20×1/2″,20×3/4″,25×1/2″,25×3/4″,25×1″,32×1″,40×1-1/4″,50×1-1/2″,63×2″, 75×2-1/2″,90×3″,110×4″
9  PP Male Tee 20,25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110
10 PP Flange  40×1-1/2″,50×1-1/2″,50×2″,63×2″,63×2-1/2″,75×2-1/2″,75×3″,90×3″,90×4″,110×4″
11 PP Male Adapter 20,25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110
12 PP Tee  20,25,32,40,50,63,75,90,110
13  PP Reducing Coupling 25×20,32×20,32×25,40×25,40×32,50×25,50×32,50×40,63×32,63×40,63×50,75×50,75×63,90×63,
14   PP Male Elbow 20×1/2″,25×3/4″,32×1″,40×1-1/4″,50×1-1/2″,63×2″,75×2-1/2″,90×3″,110″x4″
15 PP Reducing Tee 25x20x25,32x20x32,32x25x32,40x25x40,40x32x40,50x25x50,50x32x50,50x40x50,63x50x63,


Match with PE pipe

PP Compression fittings for PE pressure piping networks.

Fast & Reliable Connection:

Split ring opening has been optimized to make pipe insertion even easier. Turning of pipe can be prevented by inner threaded during installation.

Perfect Sealing in all Conditions:

When tightened and due to seat be compacted, o-ring makes pressure against pipe, superior water tightness was provided.

Fields of Applications

*   Piping networks for water supply of public works
*   Piping networks for underground water supply system of living areas or factories
*   Piping networks for water treatment systems
*   Piping networks for irrigation of gardening or farming

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compression coupling

Industry Standards and Guidelines for Compression Couplings in Plumbing

Compression couplings in plumbing are subject to industry standards and guidelines that ensure proper installation, performance, and safety. Some notable standards include:

  • ASTM F2080: This standard specifies requirements for compression fittings and couplings for use with PEX tubing in potable water systems. It covers dimensional, material, and performance requirements to ensure reliable connections.
  • NSF/ANSI 61: This standard establishes requirements for products that come into contact with drinking water, including compression couplings. It ensures that materials and products do not leach harmful substances into the water supply.
  • Local Building Codes: Many regions have specific building codes that dictate the use of compression couplings in plumbing systems. These codes ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.

Installers and plumbing professionals should adhere to these standards and guidelines to ensure that compression couplings are used appropriately and provide reliable and safe connections.

compression coupling

Suitability of Compression Couplings for Potable Water and Corrosive Fluids

Compression couplings can be suitable for applications involving both potable water and corrosive fluids, depending on the materials used in their construction:

1. Potable Water: Compression couplings made from materials approved for potable water use, such as brass, stainless steel, or certain types of plastics, can be safely used in plumbing systems that carry drinking water. These couplings provide a reliable and leak-free connection without introducing contaminants or affecting water quality.

2. Corrosive Fluids: Compression couplings can also be suitable for corrosive fluids if they are made from materials that are resistant to the specific corrosive agents present in the fluid. For example, stainless steel compression couplings are often used for corrosive fluids due to their resistance to a wide range of chemicals and substances.

It’s important to select compression couplings that are compatible with the fluid being transported. Couplings made from materials that are chemically resistant to the fluids in the system will ensure the longevity of the coupling and maintain the integrity of the plumbing or piping system.

compression coupling

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Compression Coupling

Choosing the right compression coupling for a specific application involves considering several factors to ensure a proper and reliable connection:

  • Pipe Material: Different compression couplings are designed to work with specific pipe materials, such as copper, PVC, PEX, or steel. Ensure the coupling material is compatible with the pipes you’re joining.
  • Pipe Size: Compression couplings come in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters. Choose a coupling size that matches the pipe size.
  • Application: Consider the type of application, whether it’s for plumbing, irrigation, or other systems. The coupling should be suitable for the intended use.
  • Pressure Rating: Check the pressure rating of the coupling to ensure it can handle the maximum pressure of the system it’s being used in.
  • Temperature Range: Consider the temperature range of the system. Some couplings are designed for use with hot water, while others are not suitable for high temperatures.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the compression coupling is compatible with any existing pipes, fittings, or components in the system.
  • Installation: Evaluate the ease of installation. Some couplings require special tools, while others can be tightened using basic tools.
  • Seal Reliability: Look for couplings that provide a secure and leak-resistant seal. The design of the compression rings or inserts should ensure a watertight connection.
  • Corrosion Resistance: If the system will be exposed to moisture or corrosive substances, choose a coupling that is resistant to corrosion.
  • Brand and Quality: Opt for reputable brands known for producing high-quality couplings that adhere to industry standards.

By considering these factors, you can select a compression coupling that meets the requirements of your specific application and ensures a durable and effective pipe connection.

China OEM Irrigation System Compression Fittings PP Push Fit Fittings Pn16 Reducing Coupling  China OEM Irrigation System Compression Fittings PP Push Fit Fittings Pn16 Reducing Coupling
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