China Professional DIN CPVC Compression Fitting Coupler Coupling DN15 to DN400

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Coupling PVC-C (DIN PN10) drawing  
DN(De) size (mm)
D0 d1 d2 d T L
15(20) 26.30  20.30  19.95  18.00  16.20  34.40 
20(25) 31.80  25.30  24.95  23.00  18.70  39.00 
25(32) 39.90  32.30  31.90  30.00  22.20  46.40 
32(40) 49.40  40.40  39.90  38.00  26.20  54.40 
40(50) 61.40  50.40  49.90  48.00  31.20  64.40 
50(63) 77.10  63.40  62.90  61.00  37.70  77.10 
65(75) 91.00  75.40  74.90  68.20  43.70  90.00 
80(90) 107.60  90.50  89.90  83.80  51.20  106.40 
100(110) 127.20  110.60  109.90  103.00  61.20  128.30 
De125 144.30  125.70  124.90  118.60  68.70  144.00 
125(140) 161.60  140.80  139.90  133.80  76.20  159.50 
150(160) 184.60  160.80  159.90  153.80  86.20  179.70 
De180 202.60  180.90  179.90  178.50  97.00  199.00 
De200 230.30  201.00  199.90  193.50  106.20  217.50 
200(225) 259.40  226.20  224.90  216.90  118.70  243.00 
De250 287.90  251.30  249.90  241.90  131.20  268.30 
250(280) 314.50  281.50  279.90  278.00  147.00  300.00 
300(315) 354.00  316.70  314.90  306.90  163.70  335.40 
350(355) 384.25  356.80  355.00  326.00  184.00  373.50 
400(400) 430.15  402.00  400.00  369.80  205.50  422.80 

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compression coupling

Comparison of Compression Couplings to Other Pipe Connectors

Compression couplings offer distinct advantages and differences compared to soldered or threaded connections:

  • Soldered Connections: Compression couplings do not require heat and soldering skills, making them easier to install for individuals without soldering experience. Soldering can be time-consuming and requires open flames, which may not be suitable for certain environments.
  • Threaded Connections: Compression couplings do not require threading or special threading tools. Threaded connections may be prone to leaks if not properly sealed with thread sealants or tapes, whereas compression couplings provide a reliable and secure seal without the need for additional materials.
  • Installation Speed: Compression couplings are relatively quick to install compared to soldering or threading, reducing installation time and labor costs.
  • Repair and Replacement: Compression couplings allow for easier repair and replacement since they can be disassembled and reassembled without the need for specialized tools.
  • Flexibility: Compression couplings can join pipes of different materials, while threaded connections may require adapters. Soldered connections are limited to joining pipes of the same material.

Ultimately, the choice between compression couplings, soldered connections, and threaded connections depends on factors such as the installer’s skill level, installation time, environment, and compatibility with different pipe materials.

compression coupling

Suitability of Compression Couplings for Potable Water and Corrosive Fluids

Compression couplings can be suitable for applications involving both potable water and corrosive fluids, depending on the materials used in their construction:

1. Potable Water: Compression couplings made from materials approved for potable water use, such as brass, stainless steel, or certain types of plastics, can be safely used in plumbing systems that carry drinking water. These couplings provide a reliable and leak-free connection without introducing contaminants or affecting water quality.

2. Corrosive Fluids: Compression couplings can also be suitable for corrosive fluids if they are made from materials that are resistant to the specific corrosive agents present in the fluid. For example, stainless steel compression couplings are often used for corrosive fluids due to their resistance to a wide range of chemicals and substances.

It’s important to select compression couplings that are compatible with the fluid being transported. Couplings made from materials that are chemically resistant to the fluids in the system will ensure the longevity of the coupling and maintain the integrity of the plumbing or piping system.

compression coupling

Working of Compression Couplings for Joining and Sealing Pipes

Compression couplings provide a reliable method of joining and sealing pipes without the need for soldering or welding. Here’s how they work:

  1. The compression coupling consists of several components, including a body, compression nuts, and a compression ring or insert.
  2. To begin the installation process, the ends of the pipes to be connected are cut cleanly and smoothly.
  3. The compression nut is then threaded onto one end of the pipe, followed by the compression ring or insert.
  4. The pipe end with the compression nut and ring is inserted into one end of the compression coupling body.
  5. The other pipe end is similarly prepared with a compression nut and ring and inserted into the opposite end of the coupling body.
  6. The compression nuts are tightened using appropriate tools, applying pressure to the compression rings or inserts.
  7. As the compression nuts are tightened, the compression rings or inserts are compressed against the pipe ends and the inside of the coupling body.
  8. This compression creates a watertight and secure seal between the pipes and the coupling.
  9. The coupling provides a firm connection that resists leaks and can withstand pressure from the flowing fluid.
  10. The result is a joined and sealed pipe connection that requires no soldering or welding and can be completed quickly and easily.

Compression couplings are commonly used in plumbing and piping systems for their ease of installation, versatility, and ability to create reliable connections without the use of heat or special skills.

China Professional DIN CPVC Compression Fitting Coupler Coupling DN15 to DN400  China Professional DIN CPVC Compression Fitting Coupler Coupling DN15 to DN400
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